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 "La Villa Yoga", which translate from French to "The House of Yoga", is a work in progress. Indeed, I may not currently have a dedicated and physical place/villa to share with you my yoga practice but this website is a beautiful tool which follows me over the world as I offer yoga classes, workshops, retreats and blog posts. 

Yoga is far beyond a physical practice and is a way of living with multiples benefits which will unfold

along your journey.

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About Me

Feriel is a passionate yoga teacher who discovered yoga in the United States in 2010 and has been practicing it ever since. She took her first teacher certification from an Indian school in order to grasp the most traditional understanding of this science and philosophy that is yoga and keeps on learning everyday about this beautiful practice. She teaches different styles of yoga (mainly Hatha & Vinyasa) in English and / or in French.


Feriel is also trained in Reiki Usui Holy Fire, Kinesiology,

Nutrition and other disciplines.



Please feel free to contact me directly by email, or alternatively fill in the form below, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.


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